Documents Required To Open Shop

KYC Documents Template - Shop Owners Verification (Sikika Road Safety Marketplace)

To ensure the integrity and security of our marketplace, Sikika Road Safety Marketplace requires certain Know Your Customer (KYC) documents from shop owners. These documents are necessary to verify the identity and legitimacy of the shop owners operating on our platform. Below is a template outlining the required KYC documents:

  1. Proof of Identity:

    • Shop Owner's Full Name:
    • Shop Owner's Date of Birth:
    • Type of Identification Document (e.g., National ID, Passport, Driver's License):
    • Identification Document Number:
    • Country of Issue:
    • Date of Issue:
    • Date of Expiry:
    • Upload a clear, scanned or photographed copy of the Identification Document (JPEG/PDF format).
  2. Proof of Address:

    • Residential Address of Shop Owner:
    • County of Residence:
    • Upload a recent utility bill, bank statement, or any official document showing the shop owner's name and residential address (JPEG/PDF format).
  3. Business Registration (if applicable):

    • Business Name:
    • Business Registration Number (if applicable):
    • Business Address:
    • Upload a copy of the Business Registration Certificate or any other official document verifying the legal existence of the business (JPEG/PDF format).
  4. Payment Verification:

    • Phone Number used for Registration:
    • Amount Paid for Account Activation: 100 KSH
    • Upload a clear, scanned, camera taken, or photographed copy of the payment receipt or transaction confirmation (JPEG/PDF format).

Please ensure that all submitted documents are legible, valid, and in the requested file format. Sikika Road Safety Marketplace treats all provided information and documents with utmost confidentiality and uses them solely for verification purposes.

Note: Sikika Road Safety Marketplace reserves the right to request additional documents or information during the verification process if necessary. Failure to provide the required KYC documents may result in account suspension or denial of access to certain features of the marketplace.

Thank you for your cooperation in completing the KYC verification process. Should you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.


Legal Assistant Sikika Road Safety Marketplace