Process flow for chargebacks and refunds

  1. Customer Dispute Initiation:

    • Customers who wish to request a chargeback or refund for a transaction within the Sikika Road Safety Marketplace can do so by contacting our designated customer support channels or submitting a dispute form.
    • During this initial contact, customers are requested to provide relevant information, including order details, payment records, and reasons for the dispute.
  2. Initial Investigation:

    • Upon receiving a dispute request, Sikika Road Safety Marketplace initiates an investigation to gather and verify the information provided by the customer.
    • We ensure the customer's identity and authenticity of the disputed transaction by reviewing our records and relevant documentation.
  3. Communication with Seller:

    • As part of the investigation, Sikika Road Safety Marketplace contacts the seller involved in the disputed transaction.
    • We aim to gather the seller's perspective and any supporting evidence they may have regarding the transaction in question.
  4. Evaluation and Decision:

    • Sikika Road Safety Marketplace evaluates all the available information, including customer claims, seller responses, order details, and any communication records related to the dispute.
    • Based on this comprehensive evaluation, we make an informed decision regarding the chargeback or refund request.
  5. Resolution Options: a. Refund Processing:

    • If Sikika Road Safety Marketplace determines that a refund is appropriate and the customer meets the eligibility criteria, we initiate the refund process.
    • The refund amount is typically credited back to the customer's original payment method.

    b. Mediation and Dispute Resolution:

    • In situations where reaching a resolution between the customer and the seller is possible, Sikika Road Safety Marketplace acts as a mediator.
    • We facilitate communication between both parties, assisting in negotiations and encouraging them to find a mutually agreeable solution.

    c. Chargeback Initiation:

    • If the circumstances warrant it, Sikika Road Safety Marketplace may initiate the chargeback process with the relevant payment provider.
    • We compile and submit all required documentation and evidence to support the chargeback request, aiming for a fair and unbiased resolution.
  6. Communication and Updates:

    • Throughout the process, Sikika Road Safety Marketplace maintains transparent and regular communication with the customer.
    • We provide updates on the progress of the investigation, actions taken, and any additional information required.
  7. Resolution Outcome:

    • Once the chargeback or refund process is completed, Sikika Road Safety Marketplace communicates the final resolution to the customer.
    • We notify the customer of any refunds processed, chargebacks approved, or alternative resolutions reached.

Please bear in mind that the specific steps and details of the chargeback and refund process may be subject to Sikika Road Safety Marketplace's specific policies and terms of service. For the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding chargebacks and refunds within our marketplace, we encourage users to refer to our official documentation or contact our dedicated customer support team.